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Cyber-Defence Campus: Strengthening Switzerland’s Cyber Defence

The Cyber-Defence Campus (CYD Campus) was founded in 2019 in order to strengthen Switzerland’s cyber defence and to anticipate cyber developments more quickly. It forms the link between the Swiss government, industry and academia in research, development, and training for cyber defence.


Our latest news

Communication11 June 2024

Successful Innovation Day of the Cyber-Defence Campus

The Cyber Defence Campus organized an Innovation Day for stakeholders from the Confederation and cantons on 15 May 2024. This was very well received: over 100 participants took part in the event.

Press releases31 May 2024

Successful crisis simulation strengthens cybersecurity capabilities in Switzerland

In response to the increasing complexity of cyber security at the national level, the Cyber-Defence Campus was commissioned with the pilot project «Cyber Training @ Cyber-Defence Campus». The pilot project was launched in connection with the National Cyber Strategy (NCS) of the Federal Council. The aim of the project is to bring together various organizations of national importance as a community and to provide them with a well-founded range of cyber training courses. These exercises are primarily aimed at cantonal and federal authorities, police units and critical infrastructures and are designed in close cooperation with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Synergies with industry and the Swiss Armed Forces Cyber Training Range are also utilized.

Communication8 May 2024

From research at the Cyber-Defence Campus to the capabilities of the Federal Administration's cyber defence

The collaboration between Dr Vincent Lenders, Head of the Cyber Defence Campus and Dr David Gugelmann of Exeon Analytics, has helped to further advance the development of the Confederation's cyber security. Exeon Analytics' software aims to significantly reduce the amount of time cyber attackers can operate undetected in networks. The idea for Exeon Analytics was born during Dr Gugelmann's doctoral thesis at ETH Zurich, which was supervised by Dr Lenders.